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We all know that booking season has arrived and the good news is it's a bit longer this year. Great! You have more time to woo those potential clients but the question is ARE YOU READY? Have you made your to do list? Have you checked it twice? If you haven't checked these 3 things then I need you to add them to your list ASAP.

1. Check your SITE (website). Test all the links to make sure they go where you want them to go. Proofread your site or have someone else do it for you. Update the photos on your website to match your current level of service. This is where you want to show up and show off!

2. Open your SCHEDULE. Make sure you have enough availability open for new consultations. Yes, this means you may need to add a few more hours to your calendar. Consider adding virtual consultations to your schedule. Remember, you are not the only vendor in town.

3. Get SOCIAL on social media. Yes, it is time to share your services. Yes, it is time to leave comments and get in those DM's. The entire point of social media is the share media in a social setting. This means you cannot just post and leave. You must interact with others.

BONUS: Know your Numbers! Set a goal for how many clients you need to book in order to reach your financial goals this year. Then go get that money y'all!

I have more but I'm thinking this should get you off of Netflix long enough to make an impact in your business. (Talking to myself too!) Let me know what's on your to do list. I'm curious to see if you are ready for booking season.

photo credit: Tara Harp Photography

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