Social Media | Make it Count

How to make every moment count

while using social media.

I often receive questions about Instagram and Facebook about how to show up in other's feeds. I always say the same thing, "is that really what you want to do?" The truth is what they really want to ask is:

“How do I connect with people? How do I find clients on social media?”

There are many answers to these questions but the easiest way is to simply ENGAGE. I'm sure you are either rolling your eyes or shouting, "BUT HOW TANISHA." Consider this, during your next late night (or lunch time) scroll, instead of flicking through endless photos, MAKE IT COUNT. Try this:

  1. Comment on a few posts. None of that spammy stuff though. No one likes that. If you want to make it count then be sure to write more than "beautiful pic" or "that's awesome."

  2. Start a Conversation. Reach out to someone in your area in their DMs. Say hello and be a real human being. This is not the time to go full on elevator pitch on someone you don't know. Be authentic!

  3. Look for new content. Search a hashtag you love and scroll the feed for inspiration. Be sure to follow the hashtag. This will allow anything tagged with this hashtag to appear in your feed.

The main thing to remember abut social media is that it is meant for you to be SOCIAL. It's right there in the title. So, get out there and make those midday scrolls count!

BONUS: Find a new social media account. When you follow someone a dropdown will appear with suggestions of others that you can follow. You can also try clicking on their followers to find new friends.

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